Vestor Dom Maklerski is a leading financial institution catering to small and medium-sized innovative businesses.

Vestor Dom Maklerski (previously Dom Inwestycyjny Investors) is one of the  independent domestic financial institutions. Our senior managers have gleaned extensive experience in the financial market from working in international investment banks, consulting firms and wealth management departments.

What we do

We provide services in several segments. Our investment banking team is one of the leaders in rights offerings for mid-sized companies; it also successfully places bond issues. We have completed many tens of mergers and acquisitions. We operate in the private equity and venture capital space by finding investors for small innovative businesses. Through our wealth management service we provide clients access to many types of financial instruments. Our research department prepares recommendations for tens of companies in 11 sectors. Every year we execute tens of successful transactions confirming the Vestor DM team’s efficacy. We are a Polish company but we also do deals internationally. Our experience comes from projects completed in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Our philosophy

We espouse out-of-the-box thinking in how we operate. We treat each project as a new challenge. Thanks to many years of experience and expertise, we combine capital, ideas and people to create value for our clients. Tailored solutions. We know that our clients’ success is often the effect of ideas going beyond the standard market offering or of unconventional solutions. We love challenges and our team each time tailors the offering to specific needs. For years we have been working with small and medium-sized enterprises, but we have gathered experience in international corporations. The managers of Vestor Dom Maklerski are at the same time its shareholders. We take decisions quickly because we know the challenges associated with doing business. We believe in success – our fees are largely linked to deal success.


Vestor Dom Maklerski S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw at Al. Jana Pawła II 22 was registered by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division | KRS no. 0000277384 | REGON no. 140943747 | Taxpayer ID 1080003081 Vestor DM S.A.’s share capital is equal to its paid up capital totaling PLN 1,811,570. Vestor Dom Maklerski S.A. (formerly Dom Inwestycyjny Investors S.A.) operates on the basis of a permit awarded by the Polish Financial Services Authority: Polish Financial Services Authority’s Decision no. DFL/4020/89/I/76/1/MR/2007/35/08 of 23 January 2008. The scope of this permit encompasses the following:

  • accepting and transferring buy and sell orders for financial instruments
  • executing buy and sell orders for financial instruments for the client’s account
  • buying and selling financial instruments for its own account
  • managing portfolios consisting of one or more financial instruments
  • offering financial instruments
  • safekeeping and registering financial instruments, including the safekeeping of securities accounts and aggregate accounts and running cash accounts
  • providing advisory services to businesses on capital structure, corporate strategy and other issues related to capital structure and corporate strategy
  • providing advisory services and other services pertaining to business mergers, demergers and acquisitions
  • preparing investment analyses, financial analyses and other general recommendations pertaining to transactions in financial instruments.

  Vestor Dom Maklerski is a member of the Brokerage House Chamber whose activities are subject to the Code of Best Practices for Brokerage Houses. Vestor Dom Maklerski has implemented and applies a risk management system, i.e. a collection of rules and mechanisms regulating the decision-making processes pertaining to risk identification, measurement and monitoring in Vestor DM S.A.’s operations. Risk management in Vestor Dom Maklerski S.A. is one of the duties and powers of its management bodies and organizational units. The following are involved in the risk management process in Vestor DM S.A.: the Supervisory Board, Management Board, Risk Committee, Supervision Inspector, Controlling Section, Risk Oversight and Management Section and managers of the various organizational units and employees of Vestor Dom Maklerski S.A.

Vestor DM’s corporate authorities

Management Board

  • Jakub Bartkiewicz – President of the Management Board, Managing Director responsible for the fund’s investments and oversight over advisory projects.
  • Michał Meller – Vice-President of the Management Board, Managing Director responsible for investments, the asset management segment and oversight over consulting projects.
  • Sebastian Siejko – Member of the Board, Managing Director for Capital Market responsible for the development of brokerage activities.

    Supervisory Board

  • Jarosław Jatczak – Chairman
  • Agata Anna Konarska – Deputy Chairwoman
  • Paweł Dobrowolski
  • Piotr Niemczyk
  • Zbigniew Macioszek