Vestor DM was the partner for the second annual conference on REIT/SRWN. This event’s main slogan was the “New model for investing in real estate and new investment opportunities in Poland”.

This conference was held on 29 March 2017 and served as one of the initiatives to spread information about REIT/SRWN (SRWN – companies on the real estate lease market) among representatives of the real estate market and the capital market.

Our participation in this event was no accident. We have been operating actively on the real estate market with success for years by sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients on obtaining funding on the capital market. Among other projects we were responsible for preparing Archicom’s Initial Public Offering. Its IPO was the first large-scale transaction carried out in the domestic primary market in 2016.


In our opinion, making it possible to set up REITs in Poland will be a great opportunity for the Warsaw Stock Exchange to attract a new class of issuers. We hope that we will be able to contribute to the development of this market segment by tapping into our experience in floating the equities of real estate companies.

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